maine doe


Apolis Wool Camp Hat

Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1954 in “New Rinse”

Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boot

Howlin’ Fair Isle Scarf

Tumble tumble tumblr 
I’ve been gone
But now I’m back
Entertain me, Internet


woman and child on a motorcycle, village utoru japan, maraini fosco

I had a cigarette with this dude in Nashville after his set. He’s from Martha’s Vineyard.

Love when my Dad randomly texts me, “Howdy dude.”


I can never have enough neutrals in one day.

I saw Tristen last night. This chick rules.

Indie pop/folk/80s synth/independent drama with female lead



Nikon D600

So excited for a weekend of singer-songwriters & music.

I’m seeing:
Simon Joyner at a living room show in Nashville on Friday.
Jason Isbell right over the border in Alabama on Saturday.